Thursday, August 23, 2007

HIPAA: just something to read more about

Haven't really delved into this at all. Came across this article at the link below. Other than the form which I kind of gloss over at any new doctors office. I really don't know much about HIPAA. The author at the link below has a link to some more documentation on HIPAA. Just posting this as one of those things I'd like to read more on when I get a chance (Sarbanes-Oxley is another one).

Today's Debate: HIPAA, end it or mend it? on ZDNet


Dana said...

It's HIPAA. Two As, one P.

One of those federal acronym things.

John Jacob said...

Thanks for the correction dana...sometimes the fingers move a little too fast. I always laugh when the local paper has a typo in the headline. Guess what goes around comes around ;-)