Thursday, June 7, 2007

Health Care - Rudy Giuliani's Plan

Well, with an election year coming up we will, without a doubt be seeing some new ideas to improve government and the economy. Rudy Giuliani proposed his solution to health care reform. It basically came down to the individual handling the small day-to-day stuff and the health care plan handling the big/non-routine items.

Rudy's quote: “Health insurance should become like homeowners insurance or like car insurance: You don’t cover everything in your homeowners policy. If you have a slight accident in your house, if you need to refill your oil in your car, you don’t cover that with insurance. But that is covered in many of the insurance policies because they’re government dominated and they’re employer dominated.”

Like any idea, it has its merits and its pitfalls. A problem with this idea is that different people will have different definitions of the routine items. A $300 bill to individual A might be nothing; but a $300 bill to individual B could set them back heavily.

I guess from my point of view, I'm always willing to 'raise my deductible' to save some bucks; but there is a lot to be defined in Rudy's proposal. It is an intriguing idea, though. Considering that health care costs are spiraling out of control and us employees may find ourselves paying more of the monthly bill for the service if the costs continue to skyrocket.

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